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2 Views for the Full View

Most of us have never been trained to negotiate. We arrive at the bargaining table unprepared. With incomplete information. 2 Views International founder Penny Rosema knows that the key to negotiating stellar deals is closing the information gap. How? By getting the full view.

“To succeed in negotiation, you need to understand three things: the negotiation process, your counterpart, and the opportunities,” Penny says. “Once you understand these three factors, you’re poised to be more profitable because you’ll get more value for your dollar.”

Through 20+ years of purchase negotiating experience and thousands of hours of research, Penny has gained valuable insights. She founded 2 Views International to teach professionals in all industries how to be better negotiators by:

  • Preparing for the negotiation
  • Considering short- and long-term goals
  • Creating value for both sides
  • Building solid, long-term work relationships
  • Busting the myth that negotiations are random and unpredictable

Participants at 2 Views International programs learn that the best negotiators ask questions. Lots of questions. The right questions. Understanding both the buyer’s and the seller’s perspective is the surest path to success – no matter whom you’re dealing with.

The strategy of considering the full view can mean the difference between failure and fiscal soundness for you. 2 Views International shows you how to negotiate with confidence!