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Motivation Drives the Negotiation! The #1 Rule for improving your negotiation satisfaction is preparation. Use the Negotiation Roadmap for both YOU and YOUR Counterpart.

pdf  2 Views Negotiation Road Map



If you find you are at an impasse review and use some of these questions to help clarify your counterparts interest.

pdf Questions to Help Clarify



The question of whether to make the first offer is debatable. Some one has to make the first offer. Should it be you? Some experts suggest you should wait for the other side to speak first. Read this article to understand what a negotiation anchor is and how to protect yourself.

pdf Anchors and First Offers in Negotiations – HBS



If I had time to read one book it would be “Getting to Yes” by Fisher Ury and Patton.  This is one of the best books to start with.  The information is relevant for both personal and professional negotiations.   Here you will find more of my favorites:

pdf Recommended Reading.PDF


Negotiation One Sheet for Association Management

National Association Manufacturers Winter Conference “The Art of Negotiation” one sheet.

pdf Negotiation One Sheet for Association Management