Ego – does it impact your negotiations?

Splash Stars Ego photo-1444703686981-a3abbc4d4fe3One big mistake professionals often make assuming the negotiation process is a rational and logical one. You will find negotiating often turns into an emotional game. People make decisions because  of ego, fear, greed, or even a need to please.

how do you take ego out of the equation? Start by avoiding “I” Statements. Instead of starting with “I want this and I want that” talk instead about how ‘we need to reach a solution,’ it’s a very different approach. It doesn’t gratify your ego requirements, but it reaches a much better deal.

Patrick J Cleary points out in his book Negotiation Handbook that those who are comfortable leaving their ego baggage at the door will ultimately prevail. Why? Because they can see through the haze of ego to the merits of the deal. The best negotiators focus their interest in getting a deal, and they do.