Negotiation Obstacles

One of the biggest obstacles in any negotiation is a “failure to plan”. You can be your own worst enemy. If you become caught up in your goals, your constraints, your needs you will fail to adequately prepare for the negotiation. When you focus on yourself you are not thinking about the goals, constraints and needs of your counterpart. You may find yourself disappointed with the outcome of your negotiation if you haven’t carefully considered the negotiation from your counterparts point of view. Negotiation is an interactive process. The best deals develop over time.

Do you take time to think about what a great deal would look like for your counterpart? Try asking meaningful questions so you can find ways to create value.  Professor Susskind Vice Chair of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School said “Many people inadvertently shut the door to value-creating possibilities by failing to engage in cooperative behaviors, because they fear it makes them look weak.” 

Can you name a example where you considered your counterparts goals and created value in a negotiation?