Know Your Buyer – Get Sales Higher

Until you fully understand your buyer you’re shortchanging yourself on every deal.

Seeing your buyer’s point of view can mean the difference between failure and fiscal soundness for you. When you’re negotiating with professional buyers and buying teams you need to understand the dynamics behind the scenes.

In three action-oriented sessions, negotiation expert Penny Rosema will:

  • Reveal what’s really important to buyers.
  • Show you how to predict what they’ll do next.
  • Teach you how to build solid long-term relationships with your corporate customers.

Demystifying Negotiation 

  • Predict what happens next; negotiation IS predictable
  • How to avoid common traps and expect the unexpected
  • Success depends on strategy

Know Your Buyer

  • They’re called professional buyers for a reason
  • What every buyer wishes the sales team knew
  • Who the buyer really works for


  • Why the Wish List works
  • How and why multiple offers work
  • Sometimes the opponent is YOU