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Learn how negotiation really works for buyers and sellers in three hours and get better deals for life.
Knowing the desires, strengths, and weaknesses of both parties can mean the difference between failure and success for you. Learn the dynamics behind the scenes and negotiate your next deal like a boss!

Penny’s emphasis on mutual win made the whole subject almost along the line of service – How can I help you succeed, too! “


Half-day seminar for a lifetime of better deal making.

April 29, 2019 • 9 AM – 12 Noon
Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown • 310 Pearl St. NW Grand Rapids MI 49504

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Registration Deadline: April 12, 2019

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Take Aways That Pay Off Immediately!

Understand Negotiation Dynamics

• Predict what happens next
• How to avoid common traps
• Expect the unexpected

Know Your Buyer

• They’re called professional buyers for a reason
• What every buyer wishes the sales team knew
• Who the buyer really works for

Uncovering Opportunity

• Why the Wish List works
• How and why multiple offers work
• Sometimes the opponent is YOU

PLUS, practice your new negotiating skills and get feedback on the spot!

During the session, you’ll put the knowledge you gain into action. A simulated negotiation will have you thinking on your feet and striking a better deal. Many attendees say this makes them feel confident in asking for what they want.

“I found confidence in myself through the negotiation simulation and learned that I didn’t feel nervous. It also helped me realize that I could be a little more aggressive if I do research beforehand.”

Penny Rosema Professional Negotiator

Meet Your Presenter Penny Rosema

With over 20 years of global in-the-trenches experience, Penny teaches that power in negotiation is not about domination. It’s about preparation and considering more than just the dollars of the deal. Sales professionals leave Penny’s sessions knowing how to get more of what they want with tools that strengthen relationships rather than strain them.

“Great take-aways!”

“High-energy presentation with valuable tips that you can immediately
apply to enhance your negotiation skills!”

2 Views International

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Talk about a powerful presentation with substance delivered by authentic delightful presenter. You hit it out of the park and touched everyone in attendance.

Thanks so much for inspiring women business owners.

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