Speaking Topics

Uncovering Opportunity

Learn how to prepare for any negotiation and get more of what you want! This interactive experience teaches the same tactics that professional buyers rely on for $100 deals, as well as $100 million deals. Common and not so common sense solutions are presented with applications to everyday business and life. For entrepreneurs and those working in real estate, marketing, or consulting, this event provides an opportunity to learn and sharpen negotiation skills. Simulations and role playing help participants develop their ability on the spot.
Attend this session and get:
• The Negotiation Roadmap to help you prepare before your next negotiation.
• An understanding of the ambiguous nature of negotiation and how to choose your next move.
• Improved ability to analyze the motives of negotiators in both competitive and cooperative situations.

Escaping Negotiation Traps

Here’s a quick quiz to see if you’re vulnerable to prevalent myths about negotiating:

Splitting the difference is fair for both sides.
The more I get the less you get.
“Final” means final and “no” means no.
True       False
True       False
True       False
If you answered “true” to any of these you’re in danger of falling into a negotiating trap.
Learn why assumptions are often wrong and how to look out for your best interests. Then, put
what you learn about escaping negotiation traps into practice. You’ll build new skills through interactive role-playing that you can start using in your business and personal life immediately. Plus, you’ll discover how deadlines drive deals, how to pay attention to verbal and nonverbal signals, and ways to arm yourself with information. When you know the truth about the myths, you can enter negotiations with more power than ever before!

Women in Negotiations (W.I.N.)

Understand negotiating process and tips that professional buyers use and you’ll strike better deals immediately! On average, women earn less than equally qualified men. To add insult to injury, women often pay more for big-ticket items like cars and mortgages. Why? Because women don’t ask for more money at hiring time. And they don’t ask for better pricing when buying. In the W.I.N. presentation, women (and men!) learn how to negotiate a better deal. Leave with the confidence to get more – whether hiring, buying, or selling – and know:
• How to prepare for any negotiation to get more of what you want.
• Key phrases that keep the negotiation moving forward.
• How to interpret what the other side is saying.
• Ways to counteract a negotiating bully.
• The secret to gaining more time to think during the negotiation process.